How To Play

Draw Something 2Draw Something 2 is the sequel to the mobile drawing classic, Draw Something. After selecting your friend or random opponent, you will be given a word to draw. Your goal is to draw the word in hopes that your opponent, in this case “teammate” will successfully guess it.

Once your turn is over, you will be sent a drawing from your opponent. Your objective is to keep the successfull guessing going so that both of your coin alottments build up over time. The more consecutive turns you have of correct guesses, the more advancement you will see.

Draw Something 2 features new drawing tools such as brushes, markers, stamps and cool patterns that help your masterpieces become even more fantastic. The word dictionary has also been upgraded to include new words up to 9 letters in length. This will expand your palette and create even more hours of enjoyment for you and your friends.

Another improvement to the classic is the social sharing options. You can now share, like, tweet, retweet or follow other players. New achievements and goals will keep you entertained for hours on end in this reimagined classic.

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